Monday, June 9, 2014

A few Questions folks have asked me to address...

What do you place value in/on? 

Life – all life, human, critter, plant, earth

Love – active divine (or Agape) love that infuses all relationships – the emotions of love are simply a bonus.  Love is revealed in relationship – with the divine, the self, the other, the community, society, the earth, the cosmos.  (Also see Post L-O-V-E is a four letter word)

Freedom/Liberty – Divine freedom – or God’s love revealed in/through Jesus – is a gift of grace – a freely given gift – no strings attached – God saying in action – “I insist on freeing you from the condemnation of the law – guilt & shame - by loving you even when your fuckin shit up – you can’t earn it – and you can’t make me stop loving you – but you are free to choose” – which means you are also free to walk away & not accept the gift…although to reject it is deadly – not cause God thinks or wants you punished – but because God/Creator/Great Spirit is the source of Life – walking away from life = death…It is a simple mathematical equation…

Truth – that which points to what is real & has meaning, and may or may not be tangible…

Faith – trusting/believing in that which can only be revealed – the assurance of hope – the conviction of that which is not certainty…

Peace/Shalom – a sense of internal well being – and what comes with the external experience of Love, Freedom, Truth & Faith

What is the difference between faith & religion? 

Faith is found within relationship (self to cosmos - as above)…religion is everything we add to explain the “rules” or morality of practicing that faith – from the language or form of how we teach it – pass it on – to the ritual acts used to celebrate a faith (ie – church)…to how we live into or express what we believe…

What ticks me off? 


Self righteousness
Rules - LOL

What makes me happy? 

The positive experience of my values expressed to/through/for/with me

What do you mean when you say you are witness?

A witness speaks to – points to – lives – practices - those things that reveal truth…it is an act of living faith… A witness can only speak to their experience of the evidence…A witness cannot be judge, prosecutor or jury…

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