Monday, January 18, 2016

Open Letter & Update

An Open Letter...Feel free to Share...I worked on the "profanity" so as not to offend...giggling

To Whom it May Concern...

I was asked to submit the following, this Is my Testimony & Witness to the effectiveness of Cannabis as Medicine & My support of the freedom for patients & their families to choose their own Health decisions, not based on greed & politics...but rather on quality of Life & care of family & community..Prohibition has Failed...all of us Period...

I will NOT claim the label addict, however I have worked with addiction issues in my family, in my social work career and as a Pastor.  Due to my own health decline...I was forced to turn to western health care; which, quite frankly made things much much worse.  Between my own body's failure & the systems failure with all their experts, to help me get treated - I ended up in a wheelchair and on SSD.  My own experience lead me to do extensive research into the science, or lack there-of, the mythology and history of the propaganda that lead to hemp & cannabis being placed on the Federal hit list as most dangerous substance, as the "gateway drug."  My education, training and experience also informs me that addictions are developed from the need to self-medicate for mental and/or physical health reasons, consciously and unconsciously.  The science has already proven that the cannabis plant is not addictive, and current research is revealing that it is actually an excellent choice for treating chemical addiction, and on-going health issues related to the consequences of pharmaceutical dependence related to chronic autoimmune conditions such as lupus, arthritis, and fibromyalgia just to name a few.  Through my own recovery as a patient, my research and as a Social Worker, Advocate, & Ordained Pastor (not sanctioned by my institution - due to the legal catch 22 I find myself in) - I add my voice to the legalization & sustainability movement for freeing this plant to be used for all it's potential purposes.

I went to the Dr just after Easter 2013, for my 3mo check-up & blood work for my numerous conditions - type II Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, PTSD, Insomnia/Chronic Fatigue, Morbid Obesity, GERD. When I started this journey I was taking 9 scripts including methadone for pain management @ 60mg every 6 hrs (what a joke) - depression - stomach. At the time I had not timed things quite right for transitioning to medical cannabis and went into major withdrawal from cutting all 9 scripts -DO NOT DO IT THIS WAY - IT COULD KILL YOU - I spent 2 weeks in and out of consciousness, pain level worse than labor, in a cold sweat, could not eat, was barely able to sip the water mother set next to the bed, when she came to check my pulse and beg me again to go to the hospital. I was going to get off the drugs or go home - I had already stopped living several years early. I had been existing even on the meds with average daily pain levels between 6.5 - 9 on a ten point scale. I had regained my weight + I was over 530lbs. Went from my wheelchair to my lounge chair to my bed - lethargic - depressed - unable to concentrate - memory problems - sleeping in 11/2hr - 3hr naps round the clock. My blood pressure had been steadily rising, and was unaware that I had developed diabetes - The Dr had been so focused on covering his legal butt while dosing a "chronic pain" condition ie "addict."

Keiser had decided to go mid-evil on treating chronic pain patients - covering their legal butt’s - that they put in place a "traffic" light system of monitoring the drugs - including putting a cap on what they would prescribe. I was the highest dosed patient on my Dr.'s caseload - putting me in the strictest category - it did not matter that I had an absorption issue, didn’t matter that my request when approaching treatment WAS always so that I could FUNCTION as an active contributing part of the community,  didn’t matter that I bought the body image issues & their best solution was for me to submitted myself, to by-pass surgery back in 2000 - one result of which was that I no longer absorbed medication or nutrients properly. I may have been struggling with mental health, neurological conditions & chronic medical conditions - but I am not an addict and I refuse to be treated as such. I began to educate myself.  I also found myself seeking the support and becoming a support for a very large world community who have found great benefits to this healing plant.

TODAY - My pain is an ave of 3, my blood sugars have gone down from 11.2 to today 6.0 - My good cholesterol is excellent, bad cholesterol - what bad cholesterol? My blood pressure is averaging 110/72. I can walk without assistance of any kind. I have lost a total of at least 355+lbs. I can read my favorite books from fantasy fiction to history & academic theological thought - comprehending and retaining the information & concept. I am able to manage my PTSD triggers & symptoms.  I am sleeping 5-6hrs at time for the first time in my life. I am producing more constructive thought & work  than I ever have

I am now a proud Stoner, A humble Pastor, A freedom fighting global sustainability cannabis Advocate, for ENDING prohibition,  A gentile & tough Woman,  A loving Mother & Daughter, A beautiful & blessed child of the "I AM."