Saturday, March 8, 2014

New Ventures

In recent months I have been inspired to actively engage/pursue what seems like many activities at once.  However, having come to a time in my life that my spirit, brain & heart have been jumped into high gear – yet my body, responsibilities & circumstances can’t always keep up.  So I’m attempting here to “kill a number of bird” with the same stone.
I have a history - a story - a number of life experiences reflecting a broad range of realities from profoundly destructive to radically healing – I am deeply emotional, yet understand emotions pass as easily as gas – I am intelligent with an extensive education, although I don’t play academic well – I can be an opinionated mouthy bitch yet don’t insist my beliefs/values/opinions ought to be yours - I am at once wounded and healed.  Some might say I was very orthodox (conservative) in my theology (the words we use to talk about the sacred) – that orthodoxy is reflected in radical grace – politically I could be viewed as socialist – practically I have a broad range of likes and dislikes – all reflect my faith & values.  To know that just check out my Facebook page under Ginamarie Pezzi – most of it is available for public viewing – I am dangerously forthright.
This reality calls me to a place of public responsibility – I believe we are all responsible for our own lives, feelings & actions AND that we must learn/teach how to take up that responsibility – it is a process not a complete work.  I am one voice of many – yet called/driven/inspired to speak.  You may or may not choose to listen, understand and/or agree.  I encourage questions and openness to the possibilities found in life’s journey.  Yes I am passionate and bold – don’t mistake that passion for expectation – desire/hope yes – I live in reality with a great deal of faith and hope – for myself, my family, the communities I’m a part of, our society, this world – all people’s, creatures  & the environment.
I am free to be AND freed to be for – as Martin Luther stated, “I am the perfectly free lord of all subject to none; I am the perfectly dutiful servant of all subject to all.”
Therefore, as a place to begin this blog is an attempt to bring together the observations, thoughts, feelings, inspirations and opinions which percolate from my daily encounters in my life and ministry.  This includes but is not limited to – my vocational endeavors as a “street” pastor; a truth speaker (some might call prophetic voice) for the religious & civic structures (we are all a part of) which have lost their way – speaking for active love, freedom, justice and mercy; a book I’m writing; along with the economics of developing the resources to support my work in line with my faith and values.
So I strongly encourage comments, questions, challenges, opinions, feedback and prayers (however you pray).  So let’s talk, share, argue, inspire, encourage, laugh and celebrate!

Peace be with you…

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